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How can i improve my game (by what and how) and what i should concentrate on ?

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  •the zion manuver by madhatter

  •1 fake 1protect 3 rush... by Not important

  •The Switcheroo by [RCBW] Gage [Owner]

  •First Round by forlife

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  [ThE PrOdIgY]

Leader: [ThE PrOdIgY]**MARQUEZ**
Members: [ThE PrOdIgY]**MARQUEZ**
[ThE PrOdIgY] **KiLLeR**
[ThE PrOdIgY] Pro
[ThE PrOdIgY] Extreme
[ThE PrOdIgY]_WaTs_Up_:]
Location: Euro
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  This site was made for the sole purpose of helping teams out when it comes to strategies and tips for playing Counter-Strike 1.6, Counter-Strike Source, and Counter-Strike Condition Zero competitively. The strats and guides on this site are taken from many seasons of experience in the top leagues in CAL and CEVO. Some of these strats have also been made by watching the top teams in the world and putting what they do on to paper.

As a disclaimer, these strategies are merely a starting point. It will take your team time and effort to make them work for you. All strats take teamwork, well placed smoke grenades and flash grenades, and timing to work well. Also, all of these strategies may not work for your team depending on the strengths and weaknesses of your team. However, the strats found on this website, if used correctly, have worked for teams in the past including the teams I have been a part of. One last thing to point out is that certain strats work well against certain setups by the other team. Figuring out which ones work best against those setups is really up to your team and your strat caller.

Good Luck and Have Fun!

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